Pre-Amplifier Overview

Joule-Electra preamplifiers are all tube designs, hand-crafted to reproduce music naturally. Full harmonic integrity, a natural dynamic flow and superb spatial expression are hallmarks of Joule preamplifiers. The Joule promotes emotional involvement and immersion in the musical event. The uncanny ability to preserve the tonal, spatial and dynamic reality of individual voices and instruments allows following multiple musical lines without losing track of the whole of the performance. This rare capacity is closer to how music sounds live and encourages mental and emotional participation on a much deeper level. This capability is in large part how we define the term musical as it applies to our componentry. The triumph of "natural ease" over hi-fi artifacts is central to how we approach building all of our components. We believe that detail, dynamics and harmonic weight must always be an intrinsic part of the whole, not seperate hi-fi artifacts.

At the heart of every Joule-Electra component is the Joule implemented Mu follower circuit that creates the ideal infinite impedance environment for the tubes to truly dance. Music passes through this simple and elegant circuit effortlessly and coherently. It is the apprehension of the immediate and the infinite. This simply beautiful circuit has been highly refined and then supported with a robust power supply featuring tube regulation. High current capable with notable energy storage this configuration begets natural dynamic authority, and true transient speed. Optimized parts, unique construction techniques and hand-built pride results in preamplifiers that are truly benchmarks.

A note here about value. Joule Electra components are not cheap. The are not designed, built nor do they perform cheaply. They are not gussied up overpriced cosmetic jewelry either. Joules are an unapologetic functional blend of reasonable materials that emphasize listening above all else, and are built carefully and thoughtfully to be truly self-effacing in the service of music. We value these attributes highly and believe that they constitute and meaningful definition of value.

And now the last straw--all tubes even in a line stage only preamp. Carefully selected Sylvania 6350's for the Gain Stage and Mu Follower, and separate 6EM7 regulator tubes for the B+ supply, industry standard since the fifties. Phono stage preamps also have 5751's & 6DJ8's in addition to the 6350. All Joule-Electra tubes are carefully selected NOS tubes and have exceptionally long life span. We have older pre-amplifiers (+10 yrs) that have had no tube replacements. Moreover, standby feature allows you the ease of operation and practically no warm-up time.

Joule-Electra preamplifiers come in three basic configurations: Line Stage preamplifier, phono stage preamplifier, and full-function preamplifier. Please check the category below that best fulfills your requirements.


Due to our policy of continuous product improvement,
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